Tondo Partners

At Tondo, collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation. We’re seeking visionary partners—from installation experts and energy service trailblazers to design consultants and forward-thinking manufacturers.

Together, we can transform the landscape of urban lighting, merging the brilliance of design with the intelligence of smart controls. Join us in redefining the future of lighting and Smart Infrastructure.

Partner Focus


Manufacturing Partners

Crafting exceptional lighting fixtures is an art, and every masterpiece deserves the finest touch. Partner with Tondo and seamlessly integrate the intelligence of smart controls into your designs. Elevate the functionality and appeal of your fixtures, offering clients both beauty and brains in one package. Together, we can redefine the standards of lighting, merging aesthetic excellence with cutting-edge innovation.


Distribution Partners

In the dynamic realm of outdoor lighting, the blend of quality and innovation drives demand. By partnering with Tondo, electrical distributors can elevate their product lineup, offering customers the brilliance of traditional lighting fused with the intelligence of modern smart controls.

Let’s shine brighter together, setting a new standard in outdoor lighting solutions.


Lighting Design Engineering Partners

Ensure your designs are faithfully rendered according to your specifications.

Working with Tondo brings the best of smart lighting technology to photometric design and planning, allowing your hard work to not only illuminate spaces safely but also communicate, adapt, and evolve. Together, let’s deliver best practices, blending your expertise with our innovation for projects that truly shine.

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Outdoor Lighting Integration Contractors

In the rapidly evolving world of Smart Infrastructure, stand out with the best. Partner with Tondo and enhance your installation projects with the pinnacle of smart lighting solutions. Together, we can illuminate urban landscapes with precision, intelligence, and a vision for the future. Let’s collaborate and redefine the benchmarks of excellence in lighting systems integration.


Electric Utilities and Energy Services Companies

With energy at the heart of our modern world, we at Tondo recognize the profound impact of forward-thinking energy service providers. Partner with us and amplify your streetlight and energy services with the latest in smart lighting innovation. Together, we can drive sustainable energy solutions, reduce operational costs, and illuminate cities with efficiency and intelligence. Let’s collaborate to define the next era of energy and lighting services.


Lighting Manufacturer Agencies

The Next Big Thing is here now – the intersection of Smart Lighting, sensors, meters, and an array of other connected devices…and Artificial Intelligence… to manage the enormous growth of the Smart City.

By partnering with Tondo, Lighting Manufacturer Representatives can showcase the cutting-edge of smart lighting solutions to their clientele. Together, let’s illuminate the potential of modern spaces, offering unparalleled innovation and efficiency. Elevate your offerings and become the beacon for tomorrow’s lighting revolution.

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