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Reducing Energy Costs and Increasing Safety

Selecting the optimal lamp color and temperature – even with LED lamps – can enable you to use Tondo’s Smart Lighting management to reduce your electricity use and the GHG footprint of your outdoor lighting by as much as 30% in addition to the savings from a typical LED lamp upgrade.

At the same time, Smart Lighting controls can decrease on-site crimes by up to 60%, and the combined on-site and surrounding area of the site by up to 35%.

Most organizations do not have a single lamp type – they have a mix of different technologies, color temperatures, reflectors, and lenses that affect the brightness and distribution of light.

You can tailor Tondo’s custom Smart Lighting profiles to each type of lamp and the area it is illuminating, so you can minimize your energy costs while making pedestrians feel and be safer.

In other words, the lighting intervention led to a 60% reduction in nighttime outdoor index crimes. Inclusive of potential spillovers, we estimate that lighting reduced outdoor nighttime index crimes by 35%.

Chalfin, A., Hansen, B., Lerner, J. et al. Reducing Crime Through Environmental Design: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment of Street Lighting in New York City (2022).

Advanced Lighting Control


Tondo supports dimmable fixtures with its Edge-IQ controllers using 0-10V or DALI-2 control standards.

Tondo’s Cabinet-IQ supports scheduled remote control and astronomical autonomous operation of legacy cabinet lighting groups that are not capable of being dimmed, including mercury halide, sodium, and other lighting types.

Tondo provides a complete range of solutions for global lighting systems to deliver consistent, safe, standards-based lighting for all of your lighting assets.

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Advanced Cryptographic Security


Tondo’s team designed our controllers with the expectation that well-resourced bad actors will target your operations.

Every Tondo Edge-IQ controller contains the world’s most advanced cryptographic cybersecurity chip designs from ARM: the Cryptocell® and TrustZone provide unique encryption keys and accelerated hardware-protected encryption operations that are responsible for ensuring we are talking to who we expect.

In this way, we overcome the limitations of 30+ year old software-only security certificate designs that are easy targets for bad actors.

Turning Light Poles into Smart Poles


When you install Tondo’s Edge-IQ controllers, light poles become individually-controlled and electrified 24 x 7 x 365 without wasting energy.  This transforms boring old light poles into Smart Poles for Smart Cities.

Instead of purchasing sensors, meters, cameras, and other controls – each with their own different technology, network, cellular connections – you can simply attach them to your Tondo Smart City network. This can reduce your operating cost of sensors and other devices by as much as 80%.

Tondo Sensor Solution Diagram describing a range of different smart city applications.
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AI, Deep Learning, and Data Lakes


The Smart City will bring with it an unprecedented growth in data.

Tondo’s Cloud-IQ central management system (CMS) is the most advanced platform of its kind, using Deep Learning AI technology that analyzes that data to provide actionable insights for your business.

Cloud-IQ’s Data Lake and Real-Time Processing systems makes it possible to collect data from city- and nation-scale Smart City systems that don’t surprise you with unexpected costs to scale later.

We can connect Cloud-IQ with your enterprise asset management, analytics, and other operations management software (OMS) to create a seamless ecosystem for into your entire connected asset network.

Unified Central Management System


Tondo’s Cloud-IQ enablees your operations team to monitor the status of every connected parking lot light and get notified immediately of unusual events.

Tondo can capture pedestrian traffic volumes, noise levels, electricity consumption, and provide you with actionable insights you can use to improve operations and services.

Our controllers provide billing-grade measurement of your energy usage so that you can accurately reconcile your energy bill with your utility provider, even with complex time-of-use billing rate plans, and leverage lower-cost metered electricity rate plans.

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True Plug and Play Installation


Tondo’s design reduces project deployment costs, eliminates in-the-field configuration, tedious installer training, and reduces your risk of project delays.

Once physically connected, all Tondo controllers automatically know the type of lighting they are connected to, and communicate back to the Tondo Cloud-IQ CMS to apply the correct lighting profile in seconds.

The Tondo Mobile-IQ app for Android is also provided for lighting installers in the field to validate operation as soon as a controller is plugged in, and they can optionally add valuable asset data for you using custom asset fields that are updated to the Tondo Cloud-IQ CMS and your asset management system.

Standards = Choice


At Tondo, we are committed to providing standards-based solutions that keep the control in the hands of our customers.

Our design choices such as selecting Bluetooth for wireless network communications with its full, end-to-end open specification for true interoperability, is just one example.

Our support for DALI lighting control, ANSI/NEMA and Zhaga fixture and sensor connections, our support for CAT-M and NB-IOT cellular communications, and our adoption of TALQ APIs for Smart City interoperability, are all part of our strategy to protect your investment in Tondo.

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We’ll walk you through a real-world lighting project and show you how easy it will be to transform your outdoor area lighting assets into a Smart Enterprise platform, and the savings you can expect to drive for your organization.

Tondo’s experienced and professional leadership team are driving growth and creating a cutting-edge product that is quickly becoming a key pillar for smart cities around the world.

Ran Goldstein, Manager
Bar-Ilan Center for Smart Cities

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