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Deep Learning AI Automation

Advanced Cybersecurity

Unified Smart City Platform

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A Tondo Smart Lighting solutions can reduce the energy, operations, and maintenance costs of street lighting by as much as 150% over a simple LED light upgrade.

Lighting poles are everywhere there are people, vehicles, buildings, services, and utilities, and are the perfect platform for the Smart IoT Network

Tondo’s Smart Lighting solutions provides the Smart City loT network for connecting to sensors and other devices that support your Smart City vision.

Lighting poles are conveniently electrified to support Smart City communications devices.

Street lights are well-positioned up high for wireless communications to sensors, people, and vehicles.

Tondo Smart Lighting:

The Digital Platform for Smart City Applictions

  • Lighting poles are everywhere
  • Tondo enables 24/7 electrification of light poles
  • Streetlight fixtures are ideally positioned for wireless connectivity
  • Tondo's controllers provide dual Bluetooth Mesh + cellular connectivity
  • Affordable sensor, meter, camera, and device connectivity for Smart Cities

Tondo’s Smart wireless connectivity makes Smart City visions possible.

Tondo Advantages


Dusk-to-Dawn lighting control provides most of its lighting when it isn’t necessary, wasting enormous amounts of energy and increasing sky-glow that interferes with human and animal health.

Tondo’s Adaptive Smart Lighting automates the delivery of standards-compliant lighting levels based on best practices.

Adaptive Lighting can help reduce the operating costs of LED street and area lighting by as much as 70%, while reducing the impact of lighting on our health and ecosystems.


Smart Cities depend on an array of connected sensors and devices to collect data, automate operations, and support management decisions.  With increasing urbanization, cities need to reduce their costs of scale.

Tondo’s secure, city-wide Smart Lighting-enabled network provides a standardized platform for sensors and devices that enable Smart City operating efficiencies.

Tondo’s Smart Lighting network turns common light poles into Smart City digital assets.


Tondo’s Cloud-IQ Central Management System (CMS) combines the world’s most advanced Smart City platform with Deep Learning AI for managing all lighting, sensors, and connected assets on the Tondo Smart network.

Cloud-IQ allows you to monitor, configure, and provide secure software updates to Tondo Edge-IQ and Cabinet-IQ controllers, and other sensors and devices connected to the network.

Cloud-IQ provides robust reporting on sensor-collected data, energy usage and quality, anomaly alerts. Cloud-IQ connects easily with CRM systems, third-party analytics, and service delivery applications for fully integrated workflows. 


When connecting critical infrastructure with digital networks, we have a responsibility to do that securely.

Tondo was the first to deliver street and area lighting controllers with hardware-based cryptographic security, replacing weaker software-based cybersecurity.

Every Tondo Smart Lighting controller is equipped with secure encryption storage, unique rotating encryption keys, and secure encryption and decryption processes that are suitable for protecting critical infrastructure.


Tondo’s plug-and-play and automatic configuration securely configures the lighting and network controllers  in a few seconds.

Tondo’s automatic configuration eliminates the need for extensive training for installers, and provides significantly lower project deployment costs and risk.


Tondo designs its hardware and software products for interoperability. We support the standards and interoperability specifications to help cities avoid lock-in to proprietary solutions.

Our choice of Bluetooth® as our network standard is an example of our attention to detail. Bluetooth is one of the few communications standards that provides a 100% complete open specification for maximum interoperability.


Tondo’s Smart Lighting-enabled Smart City solutions can typically recover their costs in five years, and as little as three years, depending on your cost of electricity, roadway classifications, and number of fixtures.

Smart Lighting savings are driven by:

  • Dimming-enabled design standards
  • Sensor-enabled adaptive dimming
  • Metering-enabled electricity rates
  • Extended lamp lifecycles
  • Operations and maintenance savings
  • Reduced cost of CO2 offset credits

Read the details in The Business Case for Smart Roadway and Area Lighting.


Your Smart Lighting and Smart City network requires high availability “always-on” operation.

We’ve taken great care in designing our products to withstand unexpected shock, vibration, electrical interference, and power anomalies.

We offer a range of warranty options and our Cloud-IQ Central Management System can be deployed on our cloud or yours.

Solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Enterprises

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Roadway and highway lighting represents 36% of all outdoor lighting in the U.S.

LED retrofit projects are an easy choice, because they can deliver up to 40% in energy savings and GHG footprint reduction. A Tondo Smart Lighting solution deployed after your LED  can deliver even more savings than from an LED retrofit project.

Tondo can provide you with the communications and control infrastructure for Smart City and Smart Enterprise sensors and devices – completely paid for with the energy savings, GHG reductions, operations & maintenance savings, and lamp asset lifecycle benefits of Smart Lighting.

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Parking lot lighting represents the 2nd largest user of outdoor lighting.

Five percent of the entire United States is covered by parking lots, with as many as 630m non-household indoor and outdoor parking lot spaces in the U.S.

Tondo’s Smart Lighting not only reduces the operating and maintenance costs of lighting –  but also enables real-time control and can reduce the cost of your parking sensor and connected device deployment by up to 80%.

Tondo’s solutions include presence sensing, traffic counting, speed monitoring, vehicle recognition, license plate recognition, and more.

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial outdoor area lighting represents 64% of all outdoor lighting in the United States, and 6% of global energy consumption. Over half our carbon footprint comes from electricity and 17% of that comes from outdoor lighting.

Lighting energy costs represent approximately 10% of the total operating budget of a commercial building and 31% of the total energy budget.

Studies have shown that a Tondo Smart Lighting solution can reduce your energy and other operational expenses by as much as 40% and add up to 4% to the net operating income for a commercial organization.

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Lighting for rapid transit, airports, and railways represent the fourth largest user of outdoor lighting. Balancing safety with sensible cost management is a challenge.

Tondo’s Smart Lighting affordably transforms tired old light poles into 24×7 powered Smart Poles capable of hosting a range of sensors, meters, cameras, public WiFi, Small Cell 5G, and EV charging systems.

Smart Lighting is the foundation for any integrated transportation and vehicle-to-infrastructure strategy for Smart Cities.

What Can You Connect to Your Tondo Smart Lighting?


With Tondo’s Smart Lighting-enabled Smart City network, you can connect a wide array of sensors and devices including:

  • Vehicle lane monitoring and traffic counting radar
  • Vehicle and license plate identification cameras
  • Pedestrian and cyclist traffic counting
  • Ambient light level monitoring
  • Roadway conditions (dry, rain, ice)
  • Temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, and UV
  • Airborne particulate measurement
  • Noise level monitoring
  • Tank and vessel-level monitoring
  • Battery level monitoring
  • Water flow
  • Cabinet flood, fire, or tampering
  • Energy quality monitoring

Tondo harnesses the power of open standards such as Bluetooth and DALI to create nearly limitless solutions for your needs.

Tondo’s system brings me to the 21st century. I get remote control of the lighting in the city and energy savings. It also opens up a lot of the possibilities for the future.

Eli Lalou, CIO
Kiryat Yam Municipality


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