Smart Lighting for Smart Cities.

Tondo is Smart Lighting made simple. Easy to install and easy to scale, Tondo is the starting line for your Smart City vision.

The Road To Energy Efficiency


The World Bank estimates that LED lighting is 40% – 60% more energy efficient than traditional lighting technologies. A study of adaptive IoT lighting control showed that the effective configuration and design of Smart Lighting projects based on advanced IoT street lighting control systems can increase the ROI on an LED lamp upgrade project by an additional 2x. Tondo can deliver immediate top-line expense reductions while also giving you a secure network for future Smart City projects for your organization.

A Scalable IoT Network


Lighting is everywhere. With Tondo, you’ll start with a flexible street- and area-lighting control system that will establish a secure wireless IoT network for your Smart City, Smart Building, and Smart Facility vision. Additional sensors can be added from Tondo or other sensor manufacturers that connect to your Tondo Internet of Things (IoT) network, eliminating the need for multiple networks for each Smart IoT project.

The Tondo advantage.

2X Faster Installation


Tondo has a patented plug-and-play design, making it simpler and faster for technicians or contractors tasked with installing your Smart Lighting IoT network without the need for onsite software configuration. Fewer installation issues during your project roll-out means you’ll hit your project timelines and stay within your budget projections.

Cloud-Based Remote Management


Control an unlimited number of IoT connected network devices from Tondo’s cloud-based management console. Tondo provides a visual interactive map, full access to flexible control and lighting profiles, and best of all, secure user profiles for managing access to your Smart IoT network. 

The Tondo management console captures a wide range of energy, event, and performance data that can be captured, exported, or integrated with your other enterprise tools via its documented REST API.

A network diagram of the ARM Cryptocell 310 security chip architecture


Every Tondo controller contains an embedded ARM Cryptocell CC310 security component with a unique encryption key for each controller, and a multi-layer security architecture. Two-way communications are encrypted with secure MQTT-SN and HTTPS protocols based on TLS 1.2, and Tondo firmware can be updated “over the air” from the Tondo cloud-based management console.



The Tondo Smart IoT network communicates separately from the public internet via cellular LTE and Bluetooth communications. Cellular communications support eGPRS, NB-IoT, and CAT-M1 standards to. Bluetooth 5 Mesh is used between each device to form an accessible, fast mesh network suitable for transmitting video-grade content as well as lower demand sensor data.

Smart Lighting solutions across
your Smart City.


Tondo’s Smart Lighting IoT solutions transform your roadways into a Smart City IoT network.



Tondo’s adaptive Smart Lighting IoT solutions can provide safer and more secure access for parking areas and parkades.

Commercial Areas

commercial areas

Tondo’s Smart Lighting IoT solutions provide full control over the quality and cost of lighting your commercial outdoor spaces.


Tondo’s Smart Lighting IoT solutions enable you to tailor your lighting needs to a wide range of events with flexible over-the-air network control.

Compatible with any type of outdoor lighting.


Metal halide lighting are used in overhead lighting, commercial, industrial, and public spaces, sports arenas, factories. They have twice the efficiency of mercury vapor lights, and 3x – 5x efficiency over incandescent lighting. They have an operating life of approximately 6,000 – 15,000 hours.


High pressure sodium lights give off a signature “yellow” light. They provide a broader spectrum of light than Low Pressure Sodium lights, but they still distort the color of objects they illuminate, inhibiting color vision at night. They are more efficient than Metal Halide, and have an operating life of approximately 24,000 hours.


Low-Pressure Sodium (LPS) lights have the same characteristic “yellow” as their HPS counterparts, but have an even narrower color range, which increases the distortion of color at night. They have a shorter operating life at 12,000 – 18,000 hours.


LED lighting is the newest benchmark for outdoor area and roadway lighting. They have the advantage of directional focus to reduce light pollution, are highly efficient, have greater color accuracy, and have an operating life of 50,000 – 100,000 hours or more. LEDs can be designed to generate a wide range of color to suit their operating environment, are much smaller, and have a fast switching time.


Phosphor-converted amber (PCA) LED lights are twice as efficient as “true amber” LED lighting, but have a much wider color spectrum which can interfere with wildlife foraging and migration patterns unless paired with a filter to reduce the color spectrum. Similar to HPS and LPS lighting however, the amber color distorts the color of objects in its area. They have an operating life similar to other LED lighting.


Narrow-band amber (NBA) LED lights is a relatively new technology with a narrower color spectrum and less interference with wildlife that are affected by lighting at night, and less interference with astronomy. NBA LEDs give off a similar “yellow” as HPS and LPS lights, but have a lower efficiency than Phosphor-coated amber (PCA) LED lighting. They have an operating life similar to other LED lighting.

Tondo’s system brings me to the 21st century. Not only do
I get remote control of the lighting in the city and savings
energy, it also opens up a lot of possibilities for the future.


What makes Tondo different?

Rapid Installation

Tondo’s patented IoT Smart Lighting controllers are quick and easy to install. Let us show you just how easy in this short video walkthrough of a Tondo installation.



Tondo’s team includes pioneers and patent holders in IoT and lighting technologies, artificial intelligence, and information security. We have the people who have set the standards that our competitors use.

Ease of use


Tondo’s philosophy for technology is that it is only useful if it’s easy to use. We take great pains to ensure that we present our advanced technologies to our stakeholders and customers that is simple to install, activate, tailor-to-fit, and manage.


No company is an island. At Tondo, we believe we are part of a customer-centering ecosystem of solution providers bringing best-of-breed Smart Lighting and IoT network solutions to our users. We work together as a team to bring our customers the solutions they want.



Everyone is aware of the ever-increasing threats to our data security. At Tondo, we have some of the world’s leading experts in IoT security, and we design our products ground-up on established security standards, best-practices, and the best available technologies. We make it easy for our customers to secure their Smart Lighting IoT network.

A three-card horizontal diagram of Tondo's product workflow.

A Complete Solution

Tondo provides the hardware and software for a complete stand-alone Smart Lighting solution that can also integrate into your larger operations management systems  (OMS) software platforms. Customizable event alerts will keep you informed. Remote access allows you to manage all devices from anywhere securely. The Tondo CMS software captures important information for analysis within the Tondo software or for integration out to your OMS software platforms

Tondo is your trusted global Smart Lighting partner.

Tondo is proud to support a wide range of Smart Lighting and Smart City manufacturers, designers, systems integrators, Utility, and ESCO partners around the world. You are key to our success, as we will be to yours.


Manufacturers working with Tondo can expect support for their products and a willingness to work with your teams on new solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. We will make your solutions shine.


Tondo is building a global network of trusted experts in lighting and IoT solutions. If you aren’t already a partner, please reach out and let’s talk about how we can enhance your Smart Lighting and Smart City IoT line cards, and bring the very best solutions to your customer network. 

architecture & design

For our Architecture and Design partners, we want to be the people who you can rely on to turn your designs into reality. Off-the-shelf is only part of the solution – to be truly great, you need a Smart Lighting and Smart City IoT partner who can tailor their solutions to fit. We want to work with you.

systems integrators

Smart Lighting and Smart City IoT projects can be very large and complex. Tondo can cut your risk of timeline and budget failure for the IoT network and lighting control. Our plug-and-play designs, patented, and secure solutions will help make your project (and your customers) a success.

utility & esco

Energy efficiency projects for roadway and area lighting are in high demand. It can be a challenge to balance the cost of upgrades with the expectations of your customers. Tondo wins the majority of its projects with its quality, ease of use, security, and affordability. Let’s talk about how we can bring the most advanced Smart IoT Lighting solutions that can boost customer satisfaction and reduce your project costs.


When you’re up on a pole or the side of a building, you don’t have time to deal with an installation that isn’t working the way the manufacturer said it would. If you have issues, you need support NOW. We want to help you get the job done and down on on the ground safely – and quickly.

our partners

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